Upcoming Consignments

9/10/2017 - 9/10/2017
Photo Hip # Sex Color Sire Dam Price Buyer
110 Colt bay Divine Park Quality Included
56 Colt chestnut Kitten's Joy Indian Spell

9/11/2017 - 9/23/2017
Photo Hip # Sex Color Sire Dam Price Buyer
1038 Filly gray / roan Tapit Believe You Can
1189 Filly bay Majesticperfection Don't Trick Her
1617 Filly dk bay / br. Proud Citizen El Fasto
1619 Filly bay Creative Cause Elusive Sugar
1680 Filly bay Cairo Prince Incarnate Memories
1751 Filly bay Fed Biz Mons Venus
1790 Colt bay Istan Pocho's Dream Girl
1792 Colt bay Cairo Prince Praising
1794 Filly dk bay / br. Majesticperfection Predictress
1835 Colt bay Cairo Prince Seattle Grey
1843 Filly gray / roan Cairo Prince Silent Joy
1853 Filly bay Creative Cause Source of Humor
1900 Filly gray / roan Cairo Prince West Kentucky
1914 Filly gray / roan Creative Cause Young and Lovely
193 Filly gray / roan Cairo Prince Exclusive Rosette
2016 Colt bay Majesticperfection Divine Beauty
231 Filly dk bay / br. Cairo Prince Fought the Fight
2483 Colt chestnut Istan Honey Badger
2536 Filly dk bay / br. Cairo Prince Luminaire Mystique
2550 Colt bay Include Mine's Mistress
2570 Colt chestnut Include Myntz Connection
2601 Filly chestnut Majesticperfection Psych
2648 Filly dk bay / br. Istan Silver Reunion
2722 Colt gray / roan Congrats Yankee Union
2728 Filly gray / roan Cairo Prince Academie d'Amour
2753 Filly bay Majesticperfection Bar Lazy J
2777 Filly bay Istan Buffalo Bird Woman
2807 Colt bay Creative Cause Cry War Eagle
2813 Colt bay Majesticperfection Daisy Mason
2825 Colt chestnut Majesticperfection Divine Happiness
3252 Filly bay Mark Valeski Goldilock's Bear
3288 Filly chestnut Mark Valeski Let's Go Vegan
3292 Colt chestnut Creative Cause Listen to Libby
3297 Colt dk bay / br. Istan Liz Pendens
3320 Colt bay Istan Miss Pickums
3344 Colt chestnut Include On The Menu
3378 Filly bay Majesticperfection Rimini Rose
3388 Colt bay Istan Saint Audrey
3393 Colt chestnut Majesticperfection Same Cross
3395 Colt chestnut Proud Citizen Saramar
3443 Colt bay Majesticperfection That's A Trick
3460 Filly bay Istan Tribal Council
3473 Colt bay Istan Very Nice
3575 Colt bay Include Constantinople
3592 Colt dk bay / br. Istan Deep in December
3595 Filly gray / roan Creative Cause Divine County
391 Colt bay Cairo Prince Kittery Point
585 Colt dk bay / br. Creative Cause Overvalued
586 Filly chestnut Proud Citizen Pacific Spell
634 Filly chestnut Hard Spun Proud Pearl